I have been nominated for a Pride of Bucks award


It is a great honour to have recently been nominated for a Pride of Bucks award. A previous client whom I worked with nominated me, prompting the headline in the Bucks Examiner of ‘Angel of God’. Very embarrassing and humbling in equal measures. My nomination is in the Community Champion category, and is decided by a panel of judges. Successful or not is irrelevant, it is hugely satisfying to know that I have made a real difference to hundreds of clients, and continue to do so. In fact, I am expanding the practice of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and have recently opened new offices in Amersham and launched a new company called Mind Studio. This venture is in partnershaip with fellow Cognitive Hypnotherapist, John Parry. We will have several other associated therapists, all Quest Institute trained as Cognitive Hypnotherapists, working with us, and plan workshops and seminars to enlighten as many people and companies as possible in the clear and evidenced benefits of our techniques.

It’s been a great ride over the past years as a therapist, and the ride is getting better, join us in moving forward! Very exciting, can’t wait.