Cognitive Hypnotherapy


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern and more flexible approach than traditional hypnotherapy. It does not involve the reading of repetitive scripts whilst the client is in trance. Instead, it tailors the treatment to the individual needs of the client and their individual issue.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a scientific approach to hypnosis and therapy, based on the best elements from many different disciplines, such as cognitive science and neuroscience. It is an extremely flexible approach, evolving all the time as our knowledge of the human mind advances. The goal is to utilise the client’s own perceptions (of which trance states are taken to be an everyday part) to bring about effective change at both subconscious and conscious levels, from the client’s perceived problem state, to a state that the client (not the therapist) defines as a solution state, i.e when the problem no longer exists.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for changing unwanted beliefs and behaviour and, as a Quest-Trained Therapist, I have the ability to use a specialist hypnotic language called “wordweaving™”, created by the renowned founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester. Therefore, there are no generic scripts just a very individual approach, tailored to your individual problem, helping you to reach your own individual solution.

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